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The Law Office of Sean B. Oster, P.C. is a boutique Divorce law firm providing New York residents with direct access to Attorney Sean B. Oster. No partners or junior associates. This personalized approach ensures personalized attention, and provides clients with the full peace of mind that their concerns are heard.

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A Divorce legally dissolves a marriage and releases both parties from the responsibilities of their union. Ensure that you have a trusted attorney on your side to protect your legal rights, represent you in court, and negotiate your custody, visitation, division of property, etc.
Maintenance (Alimony)

Maintenance payments provide ongoing financial support to a spouse after a marriage has been dissolved. Maintenance is sometimes referred to as alimony, and is awarded in addition to child custody. Standards of living can drastically change after separation or divorce, often leaving one of the two parties financially vulnerable.

Order of Filiation
An Order of Filiation is a court order that must be filed if the paternity of a child needs to be legally confirmed. The order can be filed “on consent” or as part of a Paternity Case. The Order of Filiation is essential for establishing parental rights, such as custody, visitation, and child support.
Separation Agreement

A Separation Agreement is a written agreement between you and your spouse, regarding custody, maintenance, the division of marital property, etc. Most separation agreements are established during the time of your separation and actual divorce. However, some are designed to be long-term.

Child Support
Child Support is court ordered payments typically made by non-custodial parents to the custodial parent or guardian, to contribute to their child’s needs. Parents have a legal obligation to financially provide for their children. Who is responsible for Child Support will vary dependent upon income levels, and full, shared, or joint custody. My goal is to ensure that fair and reasonable child support is achieved.
Custody is the court ordered legal and/or physical right of one parent over the care, control, and maintenance of their child. Establishing conclusive Legal and Physical Custody is required to protect your rights as a parent, and more importantly, the best interest of your child. Custody Orders are legally complex and exceed full, shared, or joint custody, but also pertaining factors such as physical care, supervision, medical care, religious upbringing, and day-to-day physical care. Child Support will vary depending on income and custody levels. My goal is to ensure that both fair and reasonable Custody and Child Support are achieved.
Clearly defined Visitation Schedules ensure that both children and parents enjoy quality time with one another. Children are often the ones caught in the middle of a failed marriage, and the Law Office of Sean B. Oster is here to advocate for your child’s best interests. Whether the goal is to gain Visitation or change visitation rights—your child’s well-being is the primary goal.
Prenuptial Agreement

From a legal standpoint, marriage is a legally binding contract made between two adults. As a proactive approach to protecting current assets, future earnings, business ventures, property divisions, parental rights, etc., a prenup is required. Your Prenuptial Agreement will ensure that your expectations are clearly defined, and that your assets and interests are protected.



“We were very satisfied with Sean B. Oster’s assistance. Mr. Oster displayed a very professional and caring manner. He was at all times courteous and very open to all our questions. We would highly recommend him to others interested in his services.”

A.M. & R.M.

“Sean Oster was an excellent attorney in executing a new will for me. He made the process very easy, and was always available via phone and email to answer questions. Even after the will was signed, he was still available to me for follow up questions. His style gave me a lot of confidence and the process was short and sweet! Thank you Sean!”


“Mr. Oster was proficient and helpful in all aspects of my project to which he was assigned. He was always courteous and knowledgeable about points of the law with which I was not familiar. This young attorney should go far in his chosen profession.”


“I think everyone gets nervous at the prospect of making a Will. And it is essential to have a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney to help with all the questions and decisions that arise. Thankfully, I found Sean B. Oster. He was easy to speak with, generous with his time, well-informed and professional. I recommend him highly.”



Attorney Sean B. Oster, Esq.

There are many times in life when the need for legal representation will arise, and it is our goal to make such times as stress-free as possible. We are passionate about the law, and here to help you navigate the complicated legal process.

As a boutique law firm, we ensure that each of our clients are of equal priority. Our goal is always to identify the best solutions for your individual needs. When you are ready to start your Divorce—I will be by your side from start-to-finish

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