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Serving Clients in Manhattan Only

Mr. Oster handles all classes of New York City Misdemeanors:

  • Class A Misdemeanors: Punishable by incarceration of up to 1 year and possibly a money fine
  • Class B Misdemeanors: Punishable by incarceration of up to 90 days and possibly a money fine
  • Unclassified Misdemeanors: Depends on the Ordinance or Law that defines the crime
  • Violations: Punishable by incarceration of up to 15 days and possibly a money fine
  • DAT (Desk Appearance Ticket): Most likely for a misdemeanor, could be for a violation, rarely a felony.

These could include Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, Vandalism, Simple Assault, Drug Possession, and more.

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Attorney Sean B. Oster

Mr. Oster interned at the Manhattan District Attorney.’s office for several weeks towards the end of high school. The experience captivated him and he went on to earn his degree in Criminology at the University of Miami. During University summers he mentored young children and teenagers in Manhattan’s Police Athletic League program directing play sites in both Harlem and the Lower East Side.

Upon University graduation, Mr. Oster further pursued his love and interest in the criminal justice system by attending the City University of New York School of Law (“CUNY”). CUNY is a public interest law school which focuses on the rights of the people. Mr. Oster was selected to be part of CUNY’s top ranked Defender’s Clinic. The clinic focused on Criminal law and procedure. It further taught Mr. Oster how to handle a Misdemeanor case as each member in the clinic was assigned an actual client to represent at arraignment.

Also, during Mr. Oster’s law school tenure, he applied for and received an internship with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. During his internship Mr. Oster was able to get some real hand’s on experience under the tutelage of several different Assistant District Attorney’s.

After law school graduation Mr. Oster handled cases across several different law fields. He ultimately decided Criminal Law was for him and is now focused solely on representing clients in Misdemeanor cases.

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